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The ASJ-4 concept comes from the helium filled sponsor branded mini airship often referred as "blimp" and consist of a remote free-flying camera platform able to operate also in limited spaces or when there's no chance to install cable systems and not last a valid budget friendly alternative to the 4 points cable cam system, providing unbelievable free moves and stunning perspective.
It excells when used as dynamic beauty cam indoor offering a unique aerial view for live broadcast whilst at the same time, delivering an exceptional branding opportunity to the venue below!
The ASJ-4 comes supplied with a light camera package with full remote controlled camera parameters.
It can be branded on both sides and therefore partially or fully funded by an event or associate sponsor offering them un-paralleled exposure opportunities both to the audience on the ground and captive live TV viewers at home.
Indoor sporting events, concerts, live broadcast, corporate videos, commercials, EFP, music videos, TV shows, trade shows, sponsor events, general entertainment, exhibitions, corporate meetings and more.
This system comes supplied with a wireless HD video assist or downlink for live broadcast.
It can be ready to operate in an hour, requiring same time to be dismantled. 
It can be internally lighted.
A unique sponsorship offer that delivers unparalleled exposure opportunities, exclusively developed by Andytech is demanded by broadcasters as an aerial platform for productions. It offers targeted brand awarness together with an unrivalled view of the action.
Pls, download the PDF to see further details.
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