Welcome to the world of ANDYTECH systems.
Since 1986, our company is one of the international lead specialists in close range aerial shooting offering you the widest range of flying and remote camera systems.

Except for the CINEFLEX and DJI equipment, all systems introduced here are developed and manufactured by ANDYTECH and offered for hire through the ANDY'S CREW specialist company, that supplies all systems as full service, including skilled personnel able to satisfy all the needs of your next media production.

With a long experience on big events such as the Olympic games, several other international sporting events, music concerts, tv shows and more, we are proud to make your life more simple, then when your production needs to take the flight, our line up of services and systems becomes your natural best choice!

Our systems feature many exclusive patented solutions that make them some of the most powerful and precise camera systems available worldwide, starting from our first developed free flying camera systems AS 8 and ASJ 4, the easiest and budget-friendly solutions to fly indoor over a crowd in the 3 dimensional space, up to the most performing four points cable camera system, the AS 4 which is able to fly safe and stable even at the highest speed reached today over any other existing competitor. 

The high speed two points camera system with its five variants, together with the 4K/HD mini drone and a flexible stabilized remote head for moving vehicles, increase our range of products in order to give you the maximum freedom of shooting indoor as outdoor.  

Most of our systems are also offered for sale worldwide, while ANDY'S CREW services are also available for long term rental/cooperation in order to let you to operate our systems in your country as exclusive partner/supplier.

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